Close to Home offers a threshold into the the natural world of the East Bay. Our tenth year long program begins in May, 2012. Our focus is "Listen to the Earth" in a series of monthly public talks. You can also join us for a year-long program of monthly field trips for a more in-depth experience. Please see Schedule for details. 

Close to Home offers a year-long program of 10 Monday night talks and/or 11 Saturday field trips to some of the East Bay's most interesting and beautiful places, led by expert naturalists.  From these experiences, we hope to deepen our familiarity and sense of kinship with the natural world of the East Bay.

Please join us for a public talk:

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What are the Frogs Telling Us?

with Michael Starkey of Save The Frogs

Mon Sept 10, 2012 7:30pm
Montclair Presbyterian Church in Oakland


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From the waters of the Bay to Mt Diablo and the Delta, Close to Home explores the local watershed. Each month we will learn about a different aspect of the amazing ecology around us. This season’s (separate) programs of ten public talks and 11 field trips will focus on our bioregion through the communication forms of its various inhabitants - flowers, wolves, hawks, marine life, rocks and humans.

Monthly Close to Home talks (Season 10) are open to the public. We will feature outstanding local presenters from a variety of organizations such as UC Berkeley and  the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, as well as nature sound recordist Bernie Krause, and TV celebrity and nature guide Doug McConnell.

Monthly outings are led by naturalists who know and love the East Bay parks we visit.  Yearlong field trip participants form a learning community, interacting with naturalists who help us attune our senses to what is revealed in a variety of habitats. You can choose from packages of 11 trips or 5 trips. .Join us as we interact with the natural world of the East Bay.

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Oakland Museum of California / Oakland Zoo

Bay Nature magazine /  Lindsay Wildlife Museum

Ecostewards of Montclair Presbyterian Church


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